About Vikes for Tykes

The Vikes for Tykes program is a student-athlete led initiative that was created to allow Augustana athletes to give back to the very community that supports them throughout the athletic season. Each year they hold a Christmas toy drive, where toys are donated to Camrose Kinettes and the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton. 

"I can't stress enough how appreciated our donations are each year! During normal circumstances, we have had the opportunity to go to the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton to hand-deliver toys to the children and spend the morning hanging with them. The smiles on their faces as they get to choose their toys is priceless. We have been large contributors to these programs and is very important we continue our initiative for years to come." - Danielle Brockman, Vikes for Tykes Executive (2020-21), Augustana Vikings Women's Volleyball

“Having previously played hockey in the WHL and professionally after that, I have taken part and thoroughly enjoyed many “teddy bear toss” games and the subsequent children’s hospital visits where we distributed the teddy bears to patients. Having retired from hockey, I found myself missing this opportunity of community service. Vikes for Tykes provides this opportunity for the athletes and student body of the U of A Augustana campus.” - Brett Ponich, Vikes for Tykes Co-Founder, Augustana Vikings Men’s Hockey Alumni

“To me, this organization is a great example of how giving a little can go a long way. By each athlete/student/faculty member/fan donating just one toy, we can put a smile on hundreds of children’s faces in the Camrose area and those going through a difficult time at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. It provides the athletes and students with an avenue to give back to the community in a way that benefits the children receiving toys, as well as the bridges the gap between Augustana students and the Camrose community” - Nicole Brockman, Vikes for Tykes Co-Founder, Augustana Vikings Women’s Volleyball Alumni

If you would like to further support Vikes for Tykes or find out how you can get more involved, email vikesfortykes@gmail.com and follow @vikesfortykes on Instagram.