Meet the Vikings: Greg Kaliel

Meet the Vikings: Greg Kaliel

Vikings Athletics caught up with third-year men’s volleyball middle Greg Kaliel to learn why he became a Viking, his future goals to make a name for himself on the court and his hopes to pursue a graduate degree.

Q: What is your program of study and what do you hope to do with that degree? 

GK: I am in my third year of a bachelor of science in mathematics and physics. My plans for the future are not concrete yet, but my hope is to have the opportunity to pursue a graduate degree in physics.

Q: What are you hoping to achieve in your volleyball career?

GK: Losing a year of playing has put a pause in my goals, but with my last two years I am hoping to make a name for myself in the ACAC. As a team, I want to have a chance to be a serious competitor at provincials.

Q: Why did you choose to become a Viking?

GK: Augustana is the perfect choice for me as it has the combination of the level of education I want in order to challenge myself, along with the opportunity to grow and play as an athlete in a competitive environment.

Q: What is the best thing about being a Viking?

GK: The best thing about being a Viking has to be my teammates. We spend so much time playing, working out and hanging out together (normally) that the volleyball team is almost like a second family to me.

Q: How do you spend your free time when you are not in the gym or on the court?

GK: I spend most of my time doing homework, unfortunately. When Gerhard (Vikings cross-country running co-head coach and Augustana physics professor) gives me a break from assignments, I usually enjoy going to the gym or going for adventures with my friends, but not during COVID-19.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

GK: I can't think of any one single piece of advice, but I would have to say the general advice given to me by my parents growing up. They always supported my many goals and ambitions and taught me that with enough hard work and ambition, I can achieve many great things.

Q: How have you been keeping busy this year while everything is on pause because of the pandemic?

GK: I am very much not used to having free time, and I do not like it much, so over the past year I have been getting back into my old hobbies as well as picking up new ones. I spend a lot of time now playing guitar, cooking, reading, helping on the family farm and everything else I love that I don’t usually have time to focus on.


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