Women's Volleyball Recruits: Rachel Edwards

Women's Volleyball Recruits: Rachel Edwards
The Augustana Vikings are proud of the athletes they bring on board every year. To help welcome the rookies joining the team in the coming year, we'll be profiling each of the players from various teams individually over the coming weeks and months. Each player will be asked the same set of questions to help Vikings fans get to know their incoming athletes. 

1. What position do you play?
I currently play right side after having been a setter over the past 3 years.

2. How long have you been playing your sport?
I've played school volleyball since grade 7 but started club volleyball in grade 9.

3. What helps you drive to succeed in your chosen sport?
I'm really driven by the desire to improve everyday and winning also drives me. 

4. What are some personal goals you hope to achieve during your time at Augustana? 
I hope to both improve my technical skills and my volleyball IQ on the court. Off the court I really want to work hard and achieve in my undergraduate degree. 

a. What program are you taking at Augustana and why?
I am taking a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I chose this program because I am really interested in human behaviour and the human brain as well as the idea of being able to help and support people as a psychologist. 

b. Why did you choose to attend Augustana?
I love the small community and class sizes Augustana offers and that I get the chance to play on a post-secondary team.

5. Who is someone who inspires you and why?
My parents have always really inspired me because of their constant dedication and support of my siblings and I. They have always taught me to work hard and have lead by example.

6. What is something you enjoy spending time on outside of your sport and school?
I like to hang out with my friends and during the summer I am a day camp leader at Butterfield Acres, a local petting farm.  

Rachel's coach, Bruce Edwards at Ecole  was excited to hear that she had made the team at Augustana. According to Edwards, Rachel has worked "extremely hard at improving her volleyball skills since she started playing the sport at age 14" and has honed her "natural athleticism into the makings of a post-secondary volleyball player." Rachel capped off six years of being a setter on her school teams by leading her teammates to a 2017 Calgary City Championship. She's now transitioned to an outside hitter in her last year of club volleyball after a previous three years as a setter. "Although she has a few reps to catch up on," said Edwards, "she is competing tirelessly to ensure the transition is a seamless one." He added that "she maintains a positive attitude both on and off the court and can often be heard encouraging all of her teammates."

Congrats on becoming a Viking, Rachel, and we look forward to seeing you on the court!