Women's Volleyball Thanks Seniors for Hard Work and Dedication

Women's Volleyball Thanks Seniors for Hard Work and Dedication

Rebecca Bates is a fourth year Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology student from Vermillion, Alberta. From day one Rebecca presented herself as a very calm, hard working player. Through her hard work she became a very versatile and dependable player on the court. As her teammates will tell you, Bates has become the mom of the group for the past three years. She took this team team, which was half made up of rookies, under her wing in only her second year. She is always calm, cool, and collected on the court, and one of the most consistent players on the team. She keeps us all grounded, with her undeniable focus and love for the game.

Rebecca's willingness to step up and take the leadership roles both on and off the court have not gone unnoticed. She was named a captain of the Vikings in her third year. Rebecca leaves the Vikings to pursue a degree in nursing and we wish her well. Like all past players and leaders she too will leave her mark on this program.  

Rebecca: thank you for your leadership, for your steadiness, for your common sense approach to things, and thank your for service. We wish you all the best and remember: "Once a Viking, always a Viking."


Nicole Brockman is a fourth year Bachelor of Science student from Rosthern, Saskatchewan. Nicole joined the team as a setter and very quickly challenged for the starting role at that position. Her quick feet, exceptional hands, and good understanding for the game made Nicole one of the rising stars in the northern conference.

Unfortunately, injury kept Nicole off the court for most of her third year. Despite being injured, she continued to encourage and mentor the young setters trying to fill her position. This did not go unnoticed by the coaching staff.  When it was determined her injury was serious and would likely mean an end to her playing career, the coaching staff offered Nicole an Apprenticeship Coaching position with the team.  

Nicole has proven herself to be a very promising young coach. She became a student of the game of volleyball and her skills as a coach have grown quickly. There is no doubt she will be an excellent coach in years to come.

Nicole leaves the Vikings in the pursuit to become a medical doctor. We wish you all the best, Nicole. Thank you for your service as a player, a mentor, and a coach. Good luck in Med. School and remember: "Once a Viking, always a Viking."