Meet the Vikings: Quintin Sudom

Meet the Vikings: Quintin Sudom

This week Vikings Athletics caught up with second-year Vikings hockey defenceman, Quintin Sudom to see what he has been up to during the pandemic, training, and studying economics online.

Q: As an athlete, what challenges and opportunities does this year bring?

QS: With this semester being completely online followed by the decision made by the university not to compete this year because of the pandemic, there have been numerous challenges facing athletes. Staying in shape has been a challenge for many student-athletes. However, this semester has given the opportunity for my teammates and I to really focus on the academic aspect of being a student-athlete.

Q: How did you spend your time this summer?

QS: I spent most of my time this summer working and training. While also spending time with friends and family.

Q: What has the pandemic changed most for you?

QS: The pandemic has brought many changes. The most significant being the ability to play the game I love. Hockey was an integral part of my life and it is heartbreaking to have that opportunity to compete and practice taken away.

Q: How have you and the team stayed connected during the pandemic?

QS: We have been keeping in touch virtually for the most part. We try to check in with each other as much as possible which has been difficult due to the pandemic and our school's decisions not to let us practice as a team yet.

Q: What do you hope to achieve in your Hockey?

QS: My goal is to win a championship for Augustana. Beyond that I would like to explore any opportunities that I may have to play professional hockey.

Q: Why did you choose to become a Viking?

QS: I chose to become a Viking because the coaching staff believed in me and my potential to become a top player in the ACAC. The academic reputation of the university is a bonus.


Hear more from Quintin Sudom on Monday morning with Scott Michell on New Country 98.1.


The University of Alberta Augustana athletics program withdrew from all ACAC league based competition for the 2020-2021 season due to the COVID19 pandemic and financial restraints. This decision was made with the health and safety of all student-athletes, coaches and staff in mind. For more information, please see this update